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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Sudbury: Tesco

52.05299, 0.73279
TL 874 429
photos taken 10 July 2013

“A Fatal Tragedy”

Early on the morning of October 15th 1944, an American Bomber took-off from it’s base at Sudbury, but failed to gain height and crashed killing all but the pilot.
It came down slicing the roof off Woodhall Farm House and setting the first-floor alight.
Fifteen-year old Raymond Smith, asleep in the upstairs bedroom of the farmhouse, lost his life as a result of fatal injuries suffered from the fire which ensued.
The trail of destruction left in it’s wake extended from near here, in a westerly direction, toward the thatched barn on the adjoining farm.
Flying Fortress: B-17 / 43-38137 / H8-N

Donated in February 1999 by kind support of Tesco Stores Ltd.

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