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Friday, 26 July 2013

North Lopham

52.40676, 0.99181
TM 035 828
photographs taken 12 July 2013

Considering the sorry state of this memorial, the note on the bottom is quite ironic, don't you think?

96th Bombardment Group Snetterton Heath
Commemorating the American Airmen who died
When two aircraft collided over this village
29th January 1945

Aircraft 44-6137 337 Squadron

2nd Lt. G.J. Peretti
2nd Lt. E.S. Throne
2nd Lt. G. Stambaugh
Sgt. R.I. Good
Sgt. M.A. Faux
Sgt. G.C. Shaul
Sgt. N.E. Ellington
Sgt. C.C. Hagler
Sgt. R. R. Stone

Aircraft 43-38746 338 Squadron

2nd Lt. A. Philipovitch
2nd Lt. J.C. Hubbard
Flt. Off. S.H. Gooden
Flt Off. M.P. Schmidt
T/Sgt. R.J. Zander
T/Sgt C.H. Tibbotts
Sgt. R.K. Smith
Sgt. J.E. Flora
Sgt. W. Brauner 

Their Names Will Live Forevermore

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! My Great Uncle Is Richard Joseph Zander Jr who died aboard Aircraft B-17 43-38746 338 Squadron