"Take these men as your example, like them remember that posterity can only be for the free: that freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it." Pericles, 431 BC

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Carlton Colville

52.45275, 1.71080
TM 522 903
photos taken 025 July 2012

Four road names in the area refer to the crash:
Portch Close, Seavert Close, Fortress Road, Ohio Close

Bury St Edmunds: Abbey Gardens

 52.24413, 0.71767
TL 856 641
photos taken 17 October 2012

Made from the wing of a B-17

Belton: Belle of the East Way

52.56434, 1.65957
TG 481 025
photos taken 19 September 2012

There is also a plaque and wall of photographs at the Railway Tavern, near here on Station Road.


52.51447, 1.02177
TM 051 950
photos taken 25 August 2012

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Brome: St Mary

52.34435, 1.14777
TM 145 764
photos taken 22 August 2012

St Mary, Brome

St Mary's is the home of the Cornwallis family. Ironic. I don't know how pleased the General would be if he knew this memorial to the Americans was in his church!

Brome: Village Memorial

52.34549, 1.15996
TM 154 766
photos taken 22 August 2012

For the 490th at Eye

Thorpe Abbotts: 100th Bomb Group Memorial Museum

52.38685, 1.21228
TM 186 813
photos taken 22 August 2012

100th Bomb Group Memorial Museum

Monday, 29 July 2013

Wymondham: Wymondham College

52.54531, 1.05810
TM 074 985
photos taken 13 July 2013

Wymondham College

The College uses original buildings of the 231st Base Hospital, has many links with the United States, and this memorial garden is on the site of the hospital mortuary.

If you visit during term, you must check in with reception first.

Ketteringham: Ketteringham Hall

52.57733, 1.19351
TG 164 025
photos taken 13 July 2013

The Hall is now the home of private businesses, so is private. There aren't many people around on the weekends, though.

Hethel: 389th Bomb Group Memorial Exhibition

52.56149, 1.18897
TG 162 007
photos taken 13 July 2013

389th Memorial Exhibition

Original artwork in the room used as a gym and chapel.

Original artwork.

Hethel: All Saints Church

52.55798, 1.20148
TG 171 003
photos taken 13 July 2013

All Saints, Hethel

389th Roll of Honour

Carleton Rode: All Saints

52.48959, 1.11361
TM 114 925
photos taken 12 July 2013

All Saints, Carleton Rode

There are memorials for two crashes here: the top one, made from wood taken from the chancel,  relates to the 389th at Hethel, and the bottom, to the 453rd at Old Buckenham. We met the man who made the bottom portion. He was able to give us some information about the window, as well. The 389th Bomb Group wanted to install a stained glass window, but the Diocese wouldn't give permission--most of the windows in this church are clear. So this particular window was restored, with the small memorial pane inserted. The 389th also paid for the bells in the church, and the number 2 bell was cast with the 389th emblem on the inside.

Top memorial transcript:

In memory of the
following officers & men
of the 389th.
Heavy Bombardment Group
U.S.A. Air Force
Who gave their lives
in a
mid-air collision
over this parish
November 21st, 1944

“There shall be no more death.”
            Rev. 21.3

1st Lt. J.E. Rhine1st Lt. J.W. Safier2nd Lt. D.R. Bromer2nd Lt. J.E. Ryles2nd Lt. N.R. SnodgrassT/Sgt. W.M. BucherT/Sgt. E.G. ForsterT/Sgt. S.H. SmithT/Sgt.H.N.ThompsonS/Sgt. W.D. BrewerS/Sgt. J. HeitlerS/Sgt.C.V. HughesS/Sgt.R.W. KrouskupS/Sgt. F.L. AndrumS/Sgt. W.E. LeatherwoodS/Sgt. H.W. LooyS/Sgt. W.C. Sawyer

Bottom Memorial Transcript:

In memory of the
following officers & men
of the 453rd
Heavy Bombardment Group
U.S.A. Air Force
Who gave their lives
in a
mid-air collision
over this parish
February 9th,  1945

“For our tomorrow they gave their today”

1st Lt. R.Q. Rollins
2nd Lt. E.E. Check
1st Lt. M.E. Stump
T/Sgt. J.P. Eubank
T/Sgt. E.W. Amburn
S/Sgt. J.E. Sharp
S/Sgt. R.W. Adkins
S/Sgt. E.T. Soine
S/Sgt. D.E. Robertson
S/Sgt. E.C. Erker
S/Sgt. W.L. Starbuck

Henham Park, Beccles

52.34450, 1.59448
TM 449 779
photos taken 15 September 2012

Henham Park

On a private estate. The memorial can be seen on open days, otherwise a viewing must be arranged with the park.

Over this area on 29th March 1944 two fully armed Liberator
Bombers from the 93rd Bomb Group based at Hardwick
collided and crashed on the Henham Park Estate.
17 airmen from the Liberators died in the crash
In the subsequent massive explosion of bombs
19 U.S.A.A.F. personnel from rescue, medical and
fire fighting units from Holton airfield died.
This memorial honours those who gave their lives
in the cause of freedom and marks the enduring
regard in which the U.S. 8th Airforce is held in East Anglia
Erected by the Sixth Earl of Stradbroke, 1944
to mark the 50th anniversary of the tragedy.

Roll of Honour of those who died

B24 J 42110033
2nd Lt R.L. McFetrick
2nd Lt. H. Cassel Jr
2nd Lt. W.H. Lowry
A bombadier known unto God
S. Sgt. C.J. Mead
S. Sgt. C.E. White
Sgt. O.J. Watson
Sgt. W.R. Bloom

B24 H 41 28590

2nd Lt. C.D. Makinster
2nd Lt. R.M. Trask
2nd Lt. R.J. Poe
2nd Lt. E.J. Morris
S.Sgt. H.B. Larson
S. Sgt. T.O. Byrd
Sgt. W.J. Franke
Sgt. S. Reinias
Sgt. S.T. Clovis

Station 365 Holton, 19 U.S.A.A.F. Personnel Died

Capt. S.E. Morrill
Cpl. B. Cala
Sgt Tremblay
The Remainder Known Unto God

Friday, 26 July 2013

Quidenham: The New Eccles Hall School

52.460716, 0.973535
TM 021 889
photos taken 12 July 2013

The New Eccles Hall School

A museum and learning centre, located in what used to be the ambulance shed and mortuary of the hospital. The school administration offices are also in an original hospital building. A visit to the museum, if not on an open day, must be scheduled through the school office. Among the items to be seen here is the original model for the Snetterton Heath Circuit memorial, which was designed by the school art teacher, Martin Rance.