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Monday, 7 October 2013

Griston: Saint Peter & Saint Paul (2)

SS Peter & Paul Griston

52.55694, 0.86423
TL 942 993
photos taken 5 October 2013

What a special visit this was! I haven't been able to find photographs anywhere of the items inside this church, and it isn't easily accessible. I was finally able to make arrangements to get inside. Although I had been told that the photographs and flag that had been on display were now in storage, and not available for viewing, when we arrived, we were made very welcome, and were shown everything they had!

The Soldiers were very involved with this church, taking charge of arranging the flower each week, and they even had a choir that performed in Norwich Cathedral, among other places. Their organist was a local girl, Dorothy Parrott. Photographs show that services were so full, extra chairs had to be brought in.

This Covenant, headed "The Soldiers United Christian Church" seems to be unique to this church. I've never seen another, anyway. It is signed by over 100 servicemen, and speaks of helping each other in worship, study, witness and fellowship.

The Easter altar frontal, donated by the American servicemen.

The Christmas altar frontal

stitched to to back of the altar frontals

This flag flew over Watton Airfield. It was a gift to the people of Griston from the Americans.

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