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Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Stradbroke: All Saints

52.31869, 1.27349
TM 231 739

A flag similar to this was presented to the All Saint’s Church, Stradbroke in
August 1945 by the 95th Bomber Group, USAAF in grateful memory of
their stay in the district during World War II and friendship between our
two countries.

The original flag was stolen in January 1981 and was replaced through the
kindness of the Commander of the USAF Base at Bentwaters and dedicated
at a special service on All Saint’s Day, 1st November, 1981.

The second flag suffered so severely from deterioration that, in 1991, it was considered necessary to replace it. Because a 48-star version of the United
States flag was unobtainable and because it was considered that, in the
interests of accuracy, a 48-star flag should be hung in this Suffolk Church, it was
decided to make one in the village. The Parochial Church Council requested Alan
Macnee, a resident of the village and, at that time Yeoman of Flags for Stradbroke
Village, to make a replica of the flag so that it should be hung here.
This flag was placed here in April 1992

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