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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Parham Airfield Museum 2014

Museum website

Photos taken 21 September 2014

Since we were there in 2012, there have been changes at Parham. A brand new extension, and the chapel is now in the room where the airmen signed their names on the wall. My interest is in the Americans, of course, but there is also a British Resistance Organisation museum here that is worth a visit.

Check out the website for the latest, and here are a few photos of what's new.

Sorry about the glare--I couldn't get into a position where it didn't get in the way. Look closely--you'll see two famous names!

Glare again, and I couldn't get the whole thing. The opposite wall is too close. But this gives us an idea of how many of our precious young people were lost. These are all names of those MIA or KIA while serving at Framlingham/Parham

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