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Friday, 7 August 2015

SS Peter & Paul, Griston Church Covenant

In St Peter & Paul Church, there hangs a Covenant, signed by Americans  who attended the church while stationed in the area. The signatures were transcribed several years ago, and I have taken that original typed list and tried to copy it below. It's hard to read--I know lots of these names are not correct. I'm going to arrange to get over later in the year to check them, and to transcribe the Covenant. The church is closed at the moment for restoration work.

William E McIvor
Aaron W Klein
Vincent M Lind (Ligre?)
William S Sagad (?)
Francis C Hunt
Earle W Griffith
Ray B Baer
Harry J Barnell
Raymond E Price
Kermit (?) C Swanson
Lloyd Wilder
Eugene J Fellencer (eer?)
Wilfred F Ratliff
Joseph A finan
Kenneth W Lewis
James S McKellar
Paul E Recktold
Raymond O Petree
Brambeth F Gillespie Jr
William C Sabb
Roy S Thomason
Randolph V Bates
Hasted (?) W Hall
Charles A Baughman
Harold Crush (Creach?)
George L Scroggs (Scaggs?)
Wilks H Palckala (?)
Walter E Cooper
Douglas W Hammer (?)
Grady E Davis
LaRue C Flegal (?)
John R Ragan
Edwin R Block
Alvin T Bergmann
Hector M McNall Jr (McNeill?)
Charles H Churchild
Walter S Koirsted
Wilber R Breinich
Eugene E Rush Jr
Adam Fillingor (?)
Bruce Lougeneaker
Roy C Kidney
David H King
Vinor John Hedden
Robert E Kidwell
Frederick R Hemmeter (?)
Wayne O Buckey
Lewis M Johnson
Buck M Mickelson
Phillip W Pennington
Herman S diBrandi
John C Curry
James E O’Marre (Mappe?)
Samuel Ransach
Charles R Goss
Raymond G Larkins (Jackins?)
Newell J Barscomb
Rupert (?) E Thornton Jr
Gary M Poole
Wesley A St John
John W SheelyGordon G Bentle
Warren J  Lessen (Larson?)
Charles J Spielor
John (?) Salter (?)
John E Mathews Jr
William C Jenkins
Pascoe G Rowe
Victor J Burger
Richard F Nordstrom (?)
John A Watt
Jack B Prather (Pruther?)
Eugene B Mills
Harlin E Bond
Fred R Bachmann
William H Norden (?)
Roy L Runyon (yar?)
Marvin C Ruyssell
Paul E Tunney
John W Gillaly
Harold J Hansen
John P Martin
John A Newman
H H Littlefield
Paul Schmidt
Clarence B Miller
William H Seiffert
Ralph L Averell (Austell?)
Dean W Davison
Duane H Dunning
Philip B DiDonato
Melvin T Ribblett
Ralph W Allen
J C Mink
William D Browne
Oliver R Halliman
Richard G Urdier (?)
John L Andrews
Robert L McVay
Kenneth C Kirk
Robert E Clodfelter (?)
Walter T Borran
James T Clark
William M Love (Cove?)
Byron L Spinks
Melvin H Sahs (?)

copied by CPH Wilson

Copy transcribed by Laurie Atkins
7 August 2015

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